We owe special thanks to those that have helped Design in Mind along the way.


Cincinnati Public Schools

Design in Mind would not be possible without a close relationship to Cincinnati Public Schools. Headed up by Fine Arts Curriculum Manager, Dr. Isidore Rudnick and Art Teacher Angela Ebner, Design in Mind is thankful of CPS's effort to work with us!


University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati is what brought the people behind Design in Mind together, and it's faculty and support structure is what has helped bring DiM to life. Special thanks to Industrial Design Curriculum Manager, Peter Chamberlain, and Co-op Advisor, Beth Anne Herrin.


University of Cincinnati Center for Community Engagement

The University of Cincinnati CCE has been extremely important to the forming of Design in Mind's structure and building of relationships. Kathy Browne and Fran Larkin of the CCE have frequently made themselves available, and are always helpful and gracious.


Cate's Cookie Kitchen

Cate's Cookie Kitchen, owned by UC DAAP student Cate Busse, was our very first financial supporter. We're extremely grateful for Cate's hard work and generosity!